Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) meet on Sunday mornings at 9AM or 11AM and are a great first step to begin forming lasting and deep relationships within our diverse community at Austin Oaks Church. Through these classes, you will have an opportunity to not only hear great teaching on a variety of subjects, but also to connect to small groups, special events and service opportunities designed for your life stage.

*CLC - Rooms in Christian Life Center
*CEC - Rooms in Christian Education Center


Logos - Married and Single, mostly in their 40's-50's, CLC 203
Harvest - Married and Single with young children, CLC 105-107 Raising Teens - Married and singles with teenage children, CLC 205
REAL Women - Multi-generational, CLC 208
Nueva Vida - Spanish ABF, CLC 202

AT 11 AM

Impact - Single adults in their 30s and older, CLC 203
Barnabas - Multi-generational, CLC 208
Cornerstone - Married and single, mostly 60s-80s, CLC 103
Friendship - Senior Women, CLC 102
Foundations - Newly married, CLC 204
Joint Heirs - Married and singles in their 50s-70s, CLC 105-107