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This site is for AOC staff to submit communications requests to your AOC Media Dream Team (we named ourselves). Below you will find the links as well as some definitions and guidelines. Thanks for using our system and we look forward to making your media dreams come true.

  • COMMUNICATIONS PLAN - submit information on your event/communications need so we can develop a custom strategy for you based on your message, your audience, and available resources. We'll figure out what media channels and timing work best in each situation, and work with you to develop a plan so we all know what's going on when! Plan elements may include:

    • Bulletin announcements

    • Social Media posts

    • TV Slides

    • Videos

    • Posters

    • Banners

    • Onsite media support (signs, sandwich boards, etc)

Also remember these guidelines:

  1. You're the expert on your ministry area and the people you serve, so you know why this particular event/communications need is so important. What help us the most is a very clear "this is why people should participate" kind of statement. That will help us develop a clear message and "call to action" for folks.

  2. We like things in advance, so as soon as you have dates, times, locations, a firm idea of what's happening and why, please let us know. This lets us maximize our time and gives us space for creativity and excellence in our communications.

  3. We do have a larger context that we're fitting everyone's needs and events into, so we can't SHOUT EVERYTHING at our congregation, or they'll tune us out. We'll favor targeted communications wherever we can to maximize impact and save the all-out-media-blitzes for the truly big church events. We hope you'll trust our judgment as to which media channels are appropriate for your communications, and more importantly, which ones aren't.

If you need anything or have questions, contact us!