dream team


This site is for AOC staff to submit all of your media request to your AOC Media Dream Team (we named ourselves). Below you will find the links as well as some definitions and guidelines. Thanks for using our system and we look forward to making your media dreams come true.

  • Announcements and Web Updates  - use this link for any event/happening you want announced either in our bulletin, services, emails AND for all web updates you need us to make to your pages.
  • Media Requests - use this link for any printed/online material that we need to create for any event/happening (3-4 week turnaround time)
  • Foyer Table - use this link to request a table in the foyer on Sundays
  • Video Requests - use this link for any video promo/God story you would like us to make (6 week turnaround)
  • Volunteer Requests - use this link for your ministries weekly volunteer needs
  • Resources - use this link to access our dropbox, where you will find brand standards, logos, letterhead and more!

Also remember these guidelines:

  1. If you don't have all the info for the request, DO NOT SUBMIT THE REQUEST. It makes us cry when you do this. Don't make us cry.
  2. We like things in advance - but only to a point. Please submit things 1-4 months in advance. If your event is more than 4 months away, please come back when it gets closer. The future scares us.
  3. Remember to plan backwards - figure out when your event is, plan to start marketing 3-4 weeks prior, and therefore your request needs to be made 4-6 weeks prior to that, depending upon what it is.

If you need anything or have questions, contact us!