Precepts Bible Study (Co-Ed)

Precept Ministries Bible studies establish people in God's word using Inductive Bible Study. “Inductive” means we use the Bible as the primary source of study to learn about God and what the Bible teaches. Precept studies and training workshops are designed to equip you with inductive study tools so you can discover truth for yourself.

Men and women of all ages are invited to participate in Precept bible studies where you discover Truth for yourself and go deeper into God's Word with others as you inductively study together.

Upcoming Class -

Kings & Prophets 3, “Passing the Mantle.”  Could there be a man or woman like Elijah in our time – someone with his mantle who would boldly believe God and proclaim His Word ?  This study from 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles will help you experience the unchanging power of God in changing times!

The class will be held beginning on July 17, 2017 through August 14, 2017.  This coed class meets on Monday mornings at 9:00 AM or Monday evenings at 6:30 PM in CLC 105-107.  

Precept Class Podcast - click here.

For additional information on Precept studies, contact Lois Akins.