The story of Nehemiah shows us how God rebuilds His city, renews His people, and recaptures their hearts. When we're facing the rubble of a crisis or the prospect of rebuilding some aspect of our lives, the challenge can feel overwhelming. But like Nehemiah, we can find strength in God to accomplish the task brick by brick. Pastor Brandon begins our new sermon series this week as we ask God to do His work in our lives, our church, and our community.

Grit (Pastor Brandon Zieske) 11/19/17

Rise Up! Part 2 (Pastor Brandon Zieske) 11/12/17

Rise Up! (Pastor Brandon Zieske) 11/5/17

Part 2: It's on Him (Pastor Brandon Zieske) 10/22/17

Part 1: We Work Hard, We Pray Hard (Pastor Brandon Zieske) 10/15/17