Wisdom Under the Sun - Part 1: The Experiment

It's not about the $ in your Bank, it's about the joy in your heart (Dr. Fred Lybrand) 3/12/17

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Hey, Let's Take God Seriously (Dr. Fred Lybrand)  3/5/17

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Our Vain Little Lives are Still Better Together (Dr. Fred Lybrand) 2/26/17


Want to be Happier? Stop Arguing with God About Time (Dr. Fred Lybrand) 2/5/17

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How to Enjoy Your Vain Little Life (Dr. Fred Lybrand) 1/29/17

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The Power Painful Honesty Gives Us (Dr. Fred Lybrand) 1/22/17

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The Awesome Comfort of our Vain Little Lives (Dr. Fred Lybrand) 1/15/17

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What You Need to Know About Wisdom (Dr. Fred Lybrand) 1/8/17

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