These are the immediate service opportunities with AOC. Take a look and click any button to get started this week in serving at AOC.


URGENT NEED:   The Pumpkin Patch, benefiting the Refuge.  October 7th - 31st.
The Refuge is a ministry in Austin providing a place of rest and restoration for child survivors of sex trafficking.
Saturday, October 7th at 8 am.  We need many volunteers to unload the pumpkins.  Breakfast tacos provided.
             We also need to borrow 5 wheel barrows, 5 wagons, 9 hay bales and 75 pallets.  
Wednesday, November 1st Clean-up at 10 am.  Many volunteers needed.

Volunteer Position:    Pumpkin Patch Attendant

Description:    Volunteers will attend the Pumpkin Patch while assisting customers and making pumpkin sales.  We need two volunteer per time slot (18+ years). We welcome children accompanied by an adult for the entire time.
Time Commitment:   2 to 3 hours shifts on the following dates -
Sundays 8th, 15th and 22nd.  Time slots are 12:15-1:30pm
Sunday 29th  FALL FESTIVAL   Time slots are 12:15-1:30pm  &  3:30-5:30pm
Monday - Friday.  October 9th -13th;  16th-20th;  23rd- 27th ;  30th  &  31st.  Time slots are 5:30pm-8pm (4pm-6pm on the 31st)
Saturdays 14th, 21st and 28th  Time slots are 9am-11:30am, 11:30am-2pm & 2pm- 4:30pm


URGENT NEED:   Women’s Ministry—Brave Women's Conference

Volunteer Position:    Pre-Conference Helper
Description:    We need people to put inserts into conference swag bags and other miscellaneous jobs.
Time Commitment:   Thursday, October 19th from 6 to 8 pm.

Volunteer Position:    
Furniture Mover
Description:    We need strong people to help take down and move furniture around to get ready for Sunday worship.
Time Commitment:   Saturday, October 21st from 3 to 4 pm or later.

Volunteer Position:    Conference Tear-down and Clean-up
Description:    We need strong people to help remove staging, put up merchandise and move furniture.
Time Commitment:   Saturday, October 21st from from 6 to 8 pm..


URGENT NEED:   Fall Festival - Sunday, October 29 from 4-6 pm

Volunteer Position:    Carnival setup
Description:    Help setting up games, info tables, place signs
Time Commitment:   3-4pm

Volunteer Position:    
Carnival games
Description:    Help with Preschool or Elementary age games
Time Commitment:   4-6pm (1 hour-shift or 2 hours-shift)

Volunteer Position:    
Description:    Help wherever is needed during Festival
Time Commitment:   4-6pm

URGENT NEED:   Admin Support

Volunteer Position:    Relief Receptionist
Description:    Assist with telephone during lunch, meetings, special dates.
Time Commitment:   As your schedule allows, to be discussed. Needed times are Mon, Wed, Thurs. for 2-3 hours (flexible) and on Tues. 9:00-1:00pm


URGENT NEED:   Women’s Ministry

Event:   BRAVE Women’s Conference Committee (
Volunteer Position:  BRAVE Women’s Conference Committee Member  - Socials Event Coordinator  
Description:  Plan setup, activities and food for the Friday Night Social and the BRAVE After Party on Saturday afternoon.  Provide a fun environment for conference attendees to relax and connect in a way that reinforces the BRAVE message and helps them encourage each other to be brave.                                                                      
Time Commitment: Bi-weekly meetings on Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm, Available during the conference October 20-21st.



Volunteer Position:  Social Media Volunteers / Photographers               
Description:  Assist our team in building and maintaining a strong social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, etc. and capturing our Sunday mornings and worship experiences.                                                                                                                
Time Commitment:  1-2 hours per week.


First Connections

Volunteer Position:  Greeter                     
Description:  Provide an inviting and friendly environment as you welcome people into Austin Oaks Church. Hold doors or hand bulletins out as people enter.                                                                                                                                            
Time Commitment:  On Sundays every other month. Arrive 20 minutes before service start time. Current need is for 9:15 service.

Volunteer Position: Information Desk                      
Description:  Answer questions and provide information about different events happening at AOC. Show people where to go for services or ABF. An information sheet will be provided each week. No memorization required.                                                                
Time Commitment:  On Sundays every other month. Arrive 20 minutes before the service starts and stay until 15 mins after service lets out. One person stays at the desk during the service. Take turns each week. Current need is for 9:15 service for both months.


Impact Adult Singles

Volunteer Position:  Small Group Home Host               
Description:  Provide a comfortable place in Central Austin for an adult singles (35-55) small group to meet in a living-room-type setting. Impact will provide snacks.                                                                                                                                    
Time Commitment:  One night weekly. 2-3 hours.


Local Missions

Volunteer Position:  Reading Mentor at Odem Elementary School
Description:  Odem Elementary School is in need of reading mentors beginning in late September.  Volunteers will read to children in grades K-2 on any Monday - Thursday for an hour between 8:00 am - 10:30 am.
Time Commitment:  One hour weekly or more.


Prayer Ministry

Volunteer Position:  Unceasing Prayer for the City               
Description:  Pray during a specific time period for Austin and the surrounding area to join believers city-wide in covering Austin in prayer 24/7.                                                                                                                                                              
Time Commitment: 30 minutes on every 5th Tuesday in the year. Currently, 5:00-5:30 PM time slot is open for May 30, August 29, Oct. 31.