These are the immediate service opportunities with AOC.  When you are ready to volunteer log in to The Hub and look under "Serve" to signup for positions. 


URGENT NEED:   Facilities

Volunteer Position:    Admin. Assistant for Facilities
Description:    Manage requests for facilities usage by AOC ministries and outside groups including booking, scheduling and communications between the facilities team and party using the facilities.
Time Commitment:   Up to 25 hours per week.  Monday - Friday


Volunteer Position:  Social Media Volunteers / Photographers               
Description:  Assist our team in building and maintaining a strong social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, etc. and capturing our Sunday mornings and worship experiences.                                                                                                                
Time Commitment:  1-2 hours per week.


First Connections

Volunteer Position:  Greeter                     
Description:  Provide an inviting and friendly environment as you welcome people into Austin Oaks Church. Hold doors or hand bulletins out as people enter.                                                                                                                                            
Time Commitment:  On Sundays every other month. Arrive 20 minutes before service start time. Current need is for 9:15 service.


Impact Adult Singles

Volunteer Position:  Small Group Home Host               
Description:  Provide a comfortable place in Central Austin for an adult singles (35-55) small group to meet in a living-room-type setting. Impact will provide snacks.                                                                                                                                    
Time Commitment:  One night weekly. 2-3 hours.

Are you are ready to volunteer?   
Just log in to The Hub and look under "Serve" to signup for positions.