Search for a group to join in the GroupFinder box below - you can search by which part of town is convenient for you, or sort/search for groups based on your criteria.   Click on the group name for a more detailed description, and then email the leader for additional details on how you can visit them at their next meting.

Can't find a group that works for you?

Consider starting a new group in your area.  We'll give you the training - you provide the willing heart to connect folks with each other and with God.  Contact Chad McCartney, Executive Pastor of Discipleship to find out when we'll have our next training session for new small group leaders.

Following Jesus is hard.
It requires courage. It requires commitment. It requires community.
It was never intended to be a solo journey.
At Austin Oaks Church we embrace that we are not made to follow Jesus alone. We were made for community. We were commanded to pray for one another, to love one another, to bear one another's burdens - all of which requires us to be together. We laugh, we rejoice, sometimes we cry...together. We live life together because we were made to be In This Together.

We encourage everyone at Austin Oaks to be in a sermon based small group, meeting with others, engaging in Bible study and growing together in their relationships with Christ.

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