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Questions & Answers

What is The City?

The City helps everyone in our church stay engaged in daily life and ministry. It's a group-oriented social network that's all about helping Austin Oaks build deeper community and extend the love of Christ to the world.

Why does Austin Oaks need The City?

As the Lord grows our church, the ability for our people to live in community becomes more difficult. The City gives us a place to find that community and also provides smaller platforms of communications to enhance it. Ultimately, The City enables us to better be the body of Christ.

Is The City just another social network?

No. Popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter are geared toward individuals and their needs. The City is geared toward groups and the needs of the local church. Also, whereas most social networks create and replace community, The City merely supplements community that already exists.

How will the church communicate via The City?

Our pastors, ministers and staff will communicate to our body on a church and group level, sharing ministry opportunities, prayer requests, event information, etc. Leaders will communicate to groups and volunteers. Group members will communicate with one another and their leader. There are endless ways for the church to communicate via The City.

How do I use The City?

  • The easiest way to learn how to use The City is by simply spending time on it, browsing around and checking out all the features.
  • You can also access our City Training 101 page that will show you everything you need to know to effectively use The City.

To join The City, click here.
Members log on to The City here.